Okay, so I was tired of seeing this wip float around and I’m not a fan of how this turned out but hey, at least it’s finished

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Someone needs grooming…
[Needed some Rai/Konoe fluff. I survived that doujin!]

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▶ Lamento DRAMA CD Vol.1 (6/6)


Last track! *throws confetti*

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”If its an eye for an eye, then you owe me another one.”

▶ (Translation) Lamento: Expiatio — Epilogue


I can’t believe I translated this thing, but anyway. For those who don’t know, Expiatio is the novelization of Lamento, and follows very very closely to the game’s events. It focuses on Rai’s route, but the difference here is — everything is told in Rai’s point of view, so you get to finally hear his thoughts yay! Expiatio contains a new epilogue for the route that wasn’t in the game, and this is said epilogue.

This epilogue takes place some time after Rai’s good end, and basically it’s about Rai and Konoe going back to Ransen for the andou (dark winter) festival. Beware of spoilers if you’ve yet to finish his route.

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I finally got around to drawing my BL Queen Konoe~

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